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biography federico albanese - short

Berlin based post-classical composer Federico Albanese combines within his compositions minimalistic piano melodies, string arrangements and electronica. 


His cinematographic melodies are based on elements of classic, pop and ambient music.


Besides his work as musician, arranger, and producer Albanese writes music for advertisement, film and TV. From image films of e.g. the fashion lables "Louis Vuitton" (2012), "ZegnArt" (2013), "Strava" (2017) or  the watch-making company "Mondia" (2013), to scores of international film productions like "The Twelve" (2019) by Lucy Martens, "Shadows In The Distance" (2012) from Orlando Bosch, "Alles im grünen Bereich" (2014) from Bahar Ebrahim or “Cinema Perverso” (2015) from Oliver Schwehm


Released in February 2014, his highly acclaimed debut solo album “The Houseboat and the Moon” has been described as “pure gold” , and “one of the most beautiful modern classical albums of the past years..”. In January 2016, the follow-up album "One of the most memorable most beautiful albums you'll ever hear" (Drowned in Sound), "Magic Album" (Clash) and "Great Album" (Rolling Stone) will be released. "The Blue Hour" is inspired by the magical mood at the transition between day and night, when euphoria and yearning, melancholy and memory flow together. Albanese translates these sensations into music; the melodies that he finds for it remain in the memory. He layered them with cello sounds and electronic effects to minimalist chamber symphonies and compact mood images. Albanese's compositions permeates the pulsating rhythm of his adopted home of Berlin.With "The Blue Hour" he has found his own sound: more complex and energetic than a typical minimal piano album, with clear melodies and full of fantastic moods. 


In February 2018 Albanese released his 3rd album, „By the deep sea“, his most ambitious and calm work. The first piece called “682 Steps” is inspired by the footpath from his mother’s house to a rock at the shore. It is a place that evokes an emotional resonance for him. ALBANESE says “I merge into my music”. Especially the album title relates to the importance of the composition: “I can imagine that Lord Byron wrote his poem “The Sea” at this rock”. 


There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, 

There is a rapture on the lonely shore, 

There is society where none intrudes 

By the deep sea, and music in its roar 
Lord Byron 

The poem communicates matters that ALBANESE has a familiar response to. He reflected on those matters for over a year, while he composed the music “a year, where a lot has happened, things that are hard to express with words. Those twelve tracks stand for moments in my life that needed to be described. Some have been positive, others not. Music is a vehicle for me to express deep feelings, that I barely understand myself”.


In February 2016 Albanese composed and arranged the piece “Shadowland Suite”, an orchestrated version of the tracks Shadow Land pt.1 and 2. He performed the piece in Berlin together with the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin. Following the release of “The Blue Hour”, Albanese performed numerous concert across Europe including Womad Festival (UK), Montreux Jazz Festival (CH) and SXSW in Austin, Texas.


Albanese’s third full-lenght album "By The Deep Sea" is released via Neue Meister on February 23rd, 2018. About his new record Albanese quotes: “By The Deep Sea is a state of mind in which I find myself quite often. It’s a sort of meditation state, when I try to detach myself from the daily life. In this inner world there is space to get closer to our deepest thoughts, ideas, doubts, close enough to see them clearly, from the right distance, and being able to process them, exorcise them, translate them into something else”- The album features 12 original tracks composed, produced and arranged by Albanese and mixed in August 2017 by Francesco Donadello at Vox-Ton Studio in Berlin.


The release of "By The Deep Sea" was followed by a large international tour with a number of sold out shows including the notorious Elbphilarmonie in Hamburg.


Federico has currently finished the score of "The Twelve" by the film director Lucy Martens. A documentary that follows twelve masters from around the globe, each carrying an important and long forgotten piece of understanding about our connection to nature and each other. The score will be released in May 2019 on Neue Meister.


Albanese started studying piano and clarinet as a child before becoming fascinated by rock music. As a teenager he studied bass and became a self-taught guitarist. Influenced by black music, folk, electronic, modern and contemporary classical music his skills as a composer soon emerged.


With singer-songwriter Jessica Einaudi Albanese founded in 2007 the avant-garde duo "La Blanche Alchimie" and gained national and international critical attention.