Framoi r Duk
Photograph: Framoi r Duk

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biography matti bye - short

Matti Bye has proven to be one of the most important Swedish film composers. Amongst others, he works in close cooperation with esteemed Swedish directors Ingmar Bergman and Jan Troell, while his score for the film "Farö" (Sanctuary) has been awarded the Swedish Guldbaggen award as well as the Finnish Harpa Award for Best Film Music.  In his compositions, Bye sets value on a individual and special sound to create and transport moods subtly. If required, he prepares the piano or extends the ensemble by singing saw, glockenspiel or glass harmonium. The recordings of the composer are timeless travels into forgotten lands and awaken the imagery of the listeners mind. It is not surprising that Bye is also a sought-after specialist in silent films, which he accompanied live on piano solo or ensemble, or composes new scores by order of ARTE.


Based in his studio in Stockholm, Matti Bye composed the music for the films "A Serious Game" (2016) by Pernilla August and "Detained" (2015) by Sharon Chakraborty and Anna Persson. The versatile Matti Bye composes scores for both comedies, such as Felix Herngren's "The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared" (2014) as well as dramas such as Fredrik Edfeldt's "Farö" (2013), the film music for which was awarded both the Guldbaggen award and the Harpa Award. A special relationship exists between Ingmar Bergman and Matti Bye. Bye wrote the music for Bergman's "The Last Gasp" (1995) and the documentary "But film is My Mistress" (2010), that provides insight into the life and work of the legendary director. In 2009 Bye received the Swedish Film Award for his soundtrack to Jan Troell's "The eternal moments of Maria Larsson" (2008). Bye's compositions connect with the film images in a briliant way, they carry the listener into a world of dreams and illusions.


Bye's compositions consist of many different musical elements and styles, from classical music, swedish folk music and jazz to minimal music. Besides piano, Bye plays glockenspiel in his very own way with a bow. The multi-instrumentalist also plays vibraphonette, guitar and small homemade instruments connected to his piano. He has a very unique way of creating unexpected instrument combinations in his filmmusic compositions,  like harmonium together with celesta or a string quartette together with his prepared piano connected to live electronics.


Matti Bye Diskography (PDF)