biography mocky

The Canadian musician Dominic Giancarlo Salole a.k.a. Mocky has a manifold of musical talents: he is among others a multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, songwriter and composer. He has a significant influence on the album productions, from composition to final production, of his befriended musicians Feist, Chilly Gonzales, Jamie Lidell and Peaches. Some of Feist‘s greatest hits for example where written by Mocky and he also supervises her albums. Harmonic elements of Electronic Music, Hip-Hop, Pop Music, as well of Jazz and acoustical music flow into his compositions. Whereas the above-mentioned befriended artists individually stand for a specific style of music, Mocky unites these congenial styles in his solo projects.

The demand for Mocky is incredibly high due to his musical versatility. His first albums still originated in the spirit of electroclash, while his acoustical project “Saskomodie” exists out of a collection from more poppy melodies with Jazz feeling. In their leightness and fragmentary structure they recall the French film music from the sixties and seventies, like Serge Gainsbourg brought them to the public. Mocky composed a first score for Xialo Guos film “UFO In Her Eyes” (2011), that was produced by Fatih Akin.

The studies at the University of Toronto formed Mockys personal style. He took classes in percussions, acoustic bass, electro-acoustic composition as well as in music psychology. His albums “Are + Be” and “Navy Brown Blues” helped Mocky initially to gain name in the European pop scene. With his actual productions Mocky breaks with his musical creations up till now and goes back to his roots – Jazz and Acoustic Music. The album “Saskamodie” is fully acoustic. In several tracks even the voices slip into the role of an instrument.