Martina Hoogland Ivanow
Photograph: Martina Hoogland Ivanow

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At 16th September 2016 Matti Bye's new EP "Elephants Made The Piano" is released at 1631 Recordings. You can listen to it here.


In October and November Matti Bye plays some shows at Cinemateket in Stockholm with the theme Japanese silent films.


10.10.2016: Police Officer/Keisatsukan, 1933, 2h1m

15.10.2016: Town of Love/Ai no macho, 1928, 1h45m

29.10.2016: The Water Magician/Taki no shiraito, 1933, 1h42m

01.11.2016: Souls on the Road/Rojo no Reckon, 1921, 1h52m

09.11.2016: Seven Seas: Virginity Chapters + Chastity Chapter/Nanatsu no umi, 1931-32, 1h12m + 1h21m  + 15m 

15.11.2016: Street Without End/Kagirinaki hodo, 1934, 1h27m

22.11.2016: Tokyo no onna + Chokon + Terje Vigen, 1917-1933,  46m + 15m + 55m


Matti Bye's score for the movie "A Serious Game", which celebrated its premiere 2016 at the Berlinale, is now available as limited edition vinyl LP. More information here. You can get the digital download of the album digitally at Cosmos Records.